Monday 24th December 2007

My beautiful cousin Jessie...

I love bubbles....look at them WOW they're EVERYWHERE...

Here's my uncle Pete and aunty Deb

We had a pre Christmas Eve dinner at Grandpa and Julie's

Here are my gorgeous cousins Jessie, Bronte, uncle Pete and me!

Our Merfolk Christmas Party

Sunday 16th December 2007
Elkington Park, Balmain

Here is gorgeous Sai with his mummy Agata and daddy Benedict

This is beautiful Jassi who runs our toddler group, we all love her so much...everything she touches turns to magic!
Thanks for lending me your fairy wings - they're gorgeous!

Hannah and Will's House - Glebe

I spent all day every Monday and Tuesday for a whole year with Will and Hannah. Hannie and I did everything together, we ate, slept at almost the same time and loved to play. One of our favourite games was hide and seek, and peek a boo, we weren't allowed to play it while we were eating though because we would laugh so hard mummy thought we'd choke!
Hannie calls me Jabby...when I was still asleep Hannie would ask mummy 'wake up Jabby!'.

Hannie and Will have now moved to Adelaide to live in their new house. I miss them both so much and still talk and ask about them every single brings a tear to my mummy's eye.

Oh yes...did I forget to mention, we kissed a lot!!

We used to love pretending to call Hannies mummy Celia at work

This is Will, he's 3 and my hero...I loved following Will around like a little shadow

Smile for the camera Hannie

We're like Peas and Carrots...

This is mummy, Hannie, Will and I
The next picture down is their mummy the lovely Celia - I used to call her mummy too

Balmoral Beach

December 2007

I'm at my best when I am nude...

This is me after my night time bath...

I am growing up so fast...

Balmoral is my favourite I am with daddy, I know it looks like he's ripping my arms out, but weeee its really fun!!

All this fun is really exhausting, I think I have to go home now mummy

Grandma Pat and Grandpa John came to visit me

Saturday 24th November 2006

Daddy's mummy and daddy came from Brisbane to have 4 days with me in Sydney.
I LOVE kissing my grandma Pat!

This is my grandpa John, he's really cuddly and makes me laugh a lot